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Lyndee Stairs Training, Clinics & Lessons

Summer 2018: 

"Dear Lyndee,  Thank you so much for a great clinic. I look forward to using these drills in our daily rides. I know it will help us get better and shave seconds off our runs. Thank you for everything and I will be back in the future for lessons.
Krista and the Thorobred "


Now Available - Virtual Lessons/Online Training

Due to the numerous inquiries, I've decided to take everyone's advice and offer what I like to call Virtual Video Lessons. -- Thank you everyone for the suggestions! Lyndee

Here's how it works:

Submit your video (upload to and send a link) and Lyndee will review your video and offer critiques and suggestions for you and your horse. Let Lyndee's experience help you improve your runs.
Videos can be taken in the practice pen or actual video coverage of a competition run. Videos cannot be longer than 10 minutes long (this can be a compilation of several runs).

Lyndee will be looking at equipment, hand position, rate, etc.

3 runs/videos analyzed for $45.00

Take Lyndee's advice and recommendations and practice these tips at home and in the practice pen. If you'd like a follow-up, send a new video for review. Follow-up video virtual lessons will be $20.00 each run reviewed.

Please upload to and send the llinks, along with a check for $45.00,
payable to Lyndee Stairs, to:

Stairs Ranch
7553 16th Ave
Hanford, CA 93230

You can also pay online with paypal (no account required) by clicking the "buy now" button. Submit your payment and email the links to 3 videos on or other online video service.

Lyndee will review your videos and call you to go over your "virtual lesson".

Lyndee Stairs Clinic

CCBR Youth Barrel Racing Clinic today was a success:) These girls did so good:) Lyndee was so good working with them.
Thank You LYNDEE and LANCE:))))


sidewinder- sponsor/clinic


Top West Coast Coast Barrel Racer and successful, barrel horse trainers, Lance and Lyndee Stairs, have conducted many barrel racing schools. The one day school provides up to 10 barrel racers with a chance to sharpen their skills of training and build their trouble shooting techniques.

clinics at Lyndee Stairs Ranch

Lyndee Stairs clinics

After a talk, Lyndee moves right into observing each students first barrel racing run. Students at the School of Champions benefit from Lyndee's unique style of individual attention. She works with the horse and rider as a team, developing a style that will take a maximum advantage of you and your horse's natural abilities. Lance and lyndee assist each student in developing a positive mental attitude and improving self confidence. During lunch break, Lance talks on the care and shoeing of a barrel horse.

Lance and lyndee's most pressing desire at their school is to help teach riders the principles necessary not only to win but to keep them performing at their best.

Lance and Lyndee share their knowledge of equipment and have a variety of bridles on hand for everyone to use. The school has something to offer riders of all levels from beginner to advance.

clinics at Lyndee Stairs Ranch

At Stairs Ranch, we offer private lessons and group clinics.  Come learn Lyndee's technique of training and tuning barrel horses to beat your competition with fluidness and finesse.  Lyndee's proven techniques have produced Great Horses!  20 years of experience training barrel horses give Lyndee a very special insight on communicating and coaching student's how to train, tune and ride a winning barrel horse.  



Would you like to attend one of our clinics? 
We'd like to give you an idea of what to expect .......



Our Clinic will cover everything you need to know to mentally and physically improve your runs as well as instruct you on how to start your young barrel horse.

  1.  At around 8am every one is given a Questionnaire to fill out and goodies from our sponsors.  Then go warm up.

  2. At 9 am you will turn in your Questionnaires and we begin by doing warm up exercises.  
    I will do some demonstrations.  I talk on preparing the horse before the barrel race and being ready etc.  

  3. Each student makes a run though the barrel pattern at what ever speed or pace they are at (even if it's at a walk).

  4.  Each participant is called back in one by one to work privately with Lyndee.  Lyndee has a wireless mic so that everyone can follow along.  If you think the other persons' problem doesn't pertain to you, you haven't barrel raced long enough.   It may be a problem you  could come upon later on a different horse.

  5. Lyndee talks on winning attitude.

  6. Lyndee talks on sponsors products and what has helped her to win.

  7. This shouldn't really be a number on the list-- we welcome Questions all day long so please ask !

  8.  We have many bridles and equipment available for your trial so feel free to test them out.

  9.  Everyone makes another run through the barrel pattern to put it all together.

    Our clinics are about utilizing three forms of communication.  We work  together to help you go faster, win more and above all have more fun.  

    We will take what you have told me the horse is doing, what I've noticed when I ride the horse, and what I've observed after watching you and your horse perform.

    The classes are limited to around 10 participants and we try to have fun day.  It begins at around 8 am and usually ends around 4 pm.  
    We try to keep our prices reasonable.

    Contact us for a schedule or more information or if you would like a Lyndee Clinic in your area.    


If you'd like to know about upcoming clinic dates, or fees,
please give us a call or send us an e-mail.

559-584-8540  Office/Barn
559-779-2430  Cell
559-584-1375  Fax



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