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Oct 2017

I wanted to thank you and Lance for all your help during the clinic!  It was especially nice to meet you both, as I have admired you from afar.  I'm attaching a photo of the results from a recent race with 65 racers. You will see Gypsy, Kim and my self were right together. (I actually made it into the 1D!) Lisa rode great, too!

-Susanne Harmon


May 2017

Lyndee Stairs was one of the very first people that I ever ran barrels with. I bought a 4 year old mare and decided I wanted to be a barrel racer. I was terrified to ask anyone for help because I didn't want anything negative to be said to me. I knew I wasn't any good, I knew my horse was barely even broke to ride, let alone run the pattern, but I needed help learning where and how to start. Not everyone is born into the life of rodeo or even horses and not everyone starts out winning and Lyndee took me in for a few days and never made me feel less than her. She was patient, kind in her teaching, and she recognized that I LOVED this silly mare that I just dropped all my money on. My mare was ducking the 1st barrel and Lyndee didn't resort to beating on her or spurring the hell out of her rib cage, she quietly showed her how to get around and showed me some drills to do at home. She was available to me when I had questions even YEARS after riding with her and she has always been a cheerleader for me. I went on to get my first pro check, fill my permit, make short rounds and compete in rodeos like Houston, San Antonio, Cow Palace and Red Bluff, all on my cutting bred, ducking, underweight mare, Neeca. So, go to this clinic and get built up by someone who never quit on me and took time when the end never seemed so far away. She made me feel like I could and gave me the tools to build lessons. Remember when someone comes to you for help, use kind words and encouragement because asking for help is terrifying! Thank you Lyndee Stairs for 20 years of friendship and thank you for believing in me.

- Gayle Peralta-Jones

Nov 2015

Lance and Lyndee,

You have both been role models for me and inspired me to reach my goals! I wish I could come help out on the ranch or even come ride again one of these days. I sure miss seeing you both. Enjoyed seeing you at Cow Palace. Feels like its been forever. Hope you gave a happy holidays.

Love always, Christa aka Smiley



Sept 2016

I purchased CD when my confidence in my riding ability as at a very low point. I was looking for a horse to help me run barrels at a speed I was comfortable with and help me regain my confidence. My confidence has grown with CD's help, as it has grown she has stepped up and started to run at speeds that challenges me. I believe she is the horse she is today because of the training she was given by Lyndee Stairs as a young horse. Lyndee
has trained a horse that knows her job and will respond to your requests even in stressful situations.

If this isn't what you would like let me know and I will rewrite something. once again thanks and I love CD very much. We continue to improve our speed and confidence with every run.


Dear Mr and Mrs Stairs,

Barrel Horse Trainers extraordinaire Now That you have sent me home, finally, to my mom, I hope your world becomes a little happier, and a lot less stressful without me in it on a daily basis. I am truly sorry that I was so horrible for all of you; but as a result I have been perfect for my mom (and she is grateful!) Thank you so much for making me a real barrel horse!

See ya down the Road!
Nikki the Horse

Oct 2015

Your an All Star Coach and Trainer, Lance and Lyndee. Time flies when your working hard, and I was having fun too.
Just want to thank you guys for a great internship. What the announcer said at Oakdale during your run sticks with me, you are a great teacher. That helps the sport a lot, we love to watch you run, but we also love to hear what you have to say. I needed your help on the barrels. Forward, Forward, Forward! And I love that I got to watch Lance work his colts. I picked up something from both of you. You two are a great team, and more importantly seem really happy. Love you guys, Thank You! I will be talking to you. Thanks for making everyone feel like a winner.


Jan 2016

Dear Lyndee,

Just wanted to send you a thank you note. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your time spent on my horse. I know you took really good care of her, and did an excellent job training her. Thank you so much! Hopefully after my car is fixed we'll send another horse up there, only this time one who actually likes to run.

Thank you again.

Sept 2015

Lyndee and Lance, I am so happy to have met you and to be able to call you guys friends over the years. No matter what horses of mine you may have I always know they are in great hands. Thank you for helping me sell Judith.

Much Love Kourtney

Lyndee and Lance, Thank you for stepping in and helping me with my filly.
Lyndee here is a little gift for thank you and a early birthday.

Love and appreciation, Debbie

Dear Lance and Lyndee, Thank you for letting me come and do my internship with you. I had a good experience and leaned a lot from you. You make me a better rider and horsewoman. I hope you had a great birthday Lyndee. Here is a gift card to get off the ranch and go and have dinner together! Love ya lots! And hope you still want me to come back next year.

Danielle from Black Hawk College in Illionis

March 2014

Hi Lyndee! I have to tell you about my last barrel racing experience!

You helped me with my mare Kaycee that I had in high school years ago. She had lots of gate problems and you showed me a few tricks to keep her quiet at the gate. I have been using your "gate tricks" on every horse since and have not had any gate issues with any of my horses.

This last weekend I took my gelding to Shandon and took him back to the gate after his run, got off, uncinched and took his boots off. A woman came up to me and my horses over the weekend. She asked me if I had a routine for my horses and why I do the things I do.

I told her I learned all about the gate from Lyndee Stairs many years ago! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, I thought I would let you know that I had passed it on to others as well!

Have a great week.

Alisha Nelson

December 2014

Lance and Lyndee

There aren't enough words in the world to say how thankful I am for both of you! I know I wouldn't be where I am today without you two. So the horses, the palomino, Storm, thanks for the great find. She is a total rock star! Paris, my bay, is the Rene Dan Jet daughter, wicked pole horse. I bought her because of you riding all the great Rene Dan Jets. Then my gray, Gunnie, she has come so far since you riding her! And of course, helping me to find Miss Chica! She has just won so much and been amazing!

Love Y'all Jess

Dear Mrs. Stairs,

Thank you for training my horse. It is very thoughtful of you. I really love Trooper. I hope one day I can barrel race as fast as you.

Thank you Mrs. Stairs

By Kelly age 8

Stairs Family 9-9-06

This is from the clinic in Alaska in 2006

I just wanted to drop a letter to say thank you so very much forcoming all this way You both have helped us all......expecially me. Thank you again. Hope all is well.


P.S. Lance you will have to drag Lyndee up again and go fishing. Fish On

Dear Lance and Lyndee,

Thanks so much for sharing with me your talents and your friendship. It's been a wonderfull week.



P.S. Please let me know whenever you head south-San Diego or east-Texas



Dear Lyndee

I have not stopped talking about you, my wonderful trip, Okie, Krikitt, etc. etc. Thank you, Thank you.!! I am so thankful for the opportunty to come down to your place and buy a horse. I'm counting the days till she tet's here.

Well I just loved your place. It is so perfect with the canal, grape orchards and all the fields. I could get used to that place prety easy. I really liked Hanford. Well I could go on and on. I enjoyed myself so much. Thanks for all your help. You are just an awesome lady, loved your niece , and Lance was nice. I just might come back next year. I may send Okie back down and come out for a couple of races.

You have a wonderful summer. I wish you tons of sucess with your horses, be safe and may God Bless all you do and have

With love,

Haidee from Alaska


Dear Lance and Lyndee

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for all you have done. I am so greatful to have meet you both. Thanks for all your hard work.

Happy Trails

Amy Berling


Dear Lance and Lyndee

Thank you so much for all of your expertiese. I am looking foreward to (along with mom) barrel racing Utah this year. our friendship nd guidance will be treasured foreer. See you along the "Rodeo Trail".

Heather Berling


There are two old sayings that come to mind when I think of you and your work. "There's no labor like a labor of love"
and "You're never bigger than when you reach down to help someone smaller"
You are very lucky in that you have the opportunity to live a life where you can do and succeed in a lifestyle that let's you do both.
I want you to know how much we appreciate your time, help and advise. We wish you all the best.

Mark and Taryn Sheldon

Feb 2006


"Looking for a top quality horse can be a tedious and trying process. Thankfully I met Lyndee. She was honest and helpful every step of the way. When she told me that she had a horse I might like, little did I know that I would end up owning the most talented barrel horse I've ever ridden. At four years old, he is a winning 1D horse who is still improving with age. I will never forget how impressed I was to see how well trained, as a three year old, he was when I bought him. I proceeded to take lessons from Lyndee and the knowledge has proven to be invaluable. She is a true gem in the horse world by being extremely talented, honest, helpful, and kind. I can't thank her enough for all of her help."
-Kim Wegner
Hope all is well with you!


Feb 2006

"I have attended several of Lyndee's clinics and have always walked away
with more knowledge and confidence, and had a lot of fun. Lance and Lyndee
both are great people to be around as they inspire to you to accomplish more with yourself and your horse (s). I have become a better rider definitely from all that I have learned from them. If I need help with my horses, they are the experts I go to!"

De Ann


Mar 2006

 Lyndee Stairs website looks super.......

Catherine Musgrave
Love That Tail Products

Mar 2006

I haven't had the pleasure of buying a horse from Lyndee, but I almost did.  It was because of her absolute honesty that I didn't buy the horse I was looking at.  I was emotionally set on buying this horse, but Lyndee's honesty about the vet check caused me to change my mind.  Maybe there wouldn't be a problem/maybe there would.  A lot of people would have sugar coated things, but she didn't.  I think it's commendable that she would lose a sale when it would have been very easy to make it by being less than totally honest.  I have recommended her to my friends and wouldn't hesitate to continue doing so. 
You know what you're getting with Lyndee.  If Lyndee says it's so, then it's so. 
Denise Griffith


Taken from the internet on 11-07-03 from Anne Hyde

I bought a wonderful young mare from Lyndee at the OKC sale. She was so easy and automatic on the pattern. She ran in a O ring and no tie down and was a 3 year old. She ended up with some kids who bought her through a Josey Clinic and they could ride her too.. Lance and Lyndee are really friendly, helpful people as well as great hands with a horse.

Written in September 2003


You have helped me so much this past year. I never could have made my roping horse a 1D barrel horse (youth) without your help and patience! You've always encouraged me and guided me along when I forgot what I was doing, and you were just such a big help to me and you still are. I really have no idea what I would have done without you and your help. My first year of barrel racing was really fun and Whopper and I were awarded two saddles and I couldn't have done it without you. Even though I have to start all over on a new horse your help with Whopper has taught me so much. I wated to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate your help and patience. Thank you so much for everything you have done and are still doing for me.

Love Alisha Nelson and Whopper

Written March 8, 1997

Thanks for all the time and effort you put into my purchase of Rio.

Thanks again

Karin Griffith

April 26th 2001

Dear Lyndee and Lance

I want to thank you for the beautiful silver headstall I won the American West 4D Barrel race last saturday. My luck hasn't been to good lately and the win was a boost I needed. It was a pretty exciting race!

It is always a pleasure to compete at your events. Lance always has the arena in perfect condition, the people ae great and we enjoy being there!

Again, thank you, and we'll see you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Charlene Jespersen



Thank you so much for calling me! Yes, I am spoiled and blessed with such a wonderful family and friends. This includes you and Lance. I am always thankful that I broughtTaylor to you because it started a wonderful friendship. I will keep in touch and you and Lance take care of yourselves. I too think of you often Hope to be riding soon. Love DeAnn

July 20, 2002

Dear Lyndee and Lance

Thank you for the time, help and friendship you've given to both Taryn and I.

I know the time and memories Taryn will cherish from the Summer of 02 will last forever! All The Best Mark

September 9, 2003

Dear Lyndee

Thank you for conducting the fine barrel racing clinic last Sunday. It seemed like all the advice you gave Kelly and all the comments you made echoed what I had mentoned. You announced that the horse Willi is real broke, as if you knew Kelly had taken a year off from racing to train Willi to listen. What a compliment that was. You found a new bridle set up, as if you remembered me telling you about her twisted wire snaffle, scarred corners, and lack of bitting guidance. You seemed to enjoy the smooth ride you get on her and the able turns. Kelly would really benefit by taking some lessons from you. It would really help move her and Willi along in their competitive goals. I think we'd like to be able to be competitive next spring and start participating in the 4D's once again. I hope we can work out some training/lesson times. I will call soon. Thank you.


Debbie Kemp



Dear Lyndee, Hi! It's me, Steph, I just wanted to let you know that I am really happy that you were able to help Tracy find that mare she always wanted. Tracy really likes the mare, and I think this mare will be a big confidence builder. Besides Tracy always wanted a foal in the future, and now she has that chance. If you ever need a publicity manager Tracy could do that job, because she has nothing but good things to say about you, and she will tell anyone who will listen! I trust that everything is going good for you and your family. I hear that Babette made another good run, and I think you are very fortunate to have such a great barrel horse like her. As for me I will stick to sleeping on the trail, and looking at all those great views of cotton. At least, that is all I care to do at thsi point. Chad will not get back on my mare since he has fallen off and neither will I. Just kidding!

I am hoping to ride by one day soon to see your stud, and Tracy's mare. So if you see me coming, its only me. Take care for now.

Your friend, Steph.








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