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Winning Runs Video featuring Lyndee Stairs (watch intro here)

By VeNecia DeCluette

This informative video featuring Dodge National Circuit Finalist and Futurity Champion Lyndee Stairs is perfect for the rider working with young horses, or looking for drills to keep a finished horse fresh. Lyndee and her husband, Lance, run Stairs Ranch out of Hanford, California, where they offer clinics, lessons and training, barrel horses for sale, and breeding.

In this video you’ll see Lyndee address the basic skills she likes her young horses to have prior to starting the pattern, and she demonstrates drills for young horses that build on those basics. Lyndee also provides you with exercises for addressing issues as they arise, and shows how she works a hotter horse to keep her calm. The common sense approach that Lyndee uses to explain and illustrate advanced training concepts allows you to clearly understand what Lyndee is asking of her horses. In conjunction with Charlotte’s questions, Lyndee ensures that you understand not just the “How To” behind her methods, but most importantly the “why”.

This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, as some of the concepts and exercises do require some previous knowledge, and at least average riding ability. The exercises presented here are suitable for horses with a basic riding foundation. The video addresses feeding and supplements, shoe selection, bit selection, rider hand placement, rein length, speed transitions in the pattern, and common mistakes made in the “whoa”. Additionally, Lyndee explains her 5-3-1 approach to the barrel, and explains such common sense training philosophy as, “…Quit when it’s good.”

You’ll come away from this video with a solid set of exercises that you can introduce into your program at any training level. Lyndee has an instructional demeanor that never comes across as intimidating, and her explanations will leave you feeling good about your ability to build on your horse’s basic skill set. By providing tips from the from the feed store aisle, clear up to the alleyway . . . Lyndee offers you principles necessary not only to win, but to keep your horse performing at its best.

Lyndee Stairs Rodeo

red horses cant jump
Red Horses Can't Jump


Miss Shades



lyndee stairs barrel racing

lyndee stairs barrel racing

lyndee stairs barrel racing

lyndee stairs barrel racing

Lyndee Stairs barrel racing

TwoLinksToFirewater by Otro Fracaso

2012 gallery photos- brn4d jan 5-8

2012 barrel racing

Jettin Bye- WPRA Futurity World Finals 2nd go round Nv 2009
Jettin Bye- Lyndee Stairs

Little Dan Do It
Little Dan Do It - Lyndee Stairs

2009 ca circuit finals- lyndee stairs

2009 Ca circuit finals rodeo 2008

Lyndee Stairs

Acbra national finals


lyndee stairs ranch

2009 jettin by

jettin by

fire water slidin
Lil Dan Do It
Lil Dan Do It- Lyndee Stairs
Lyndee Stairs Professional Barrel Racer
LL Cat Man Do

WR Sippin Fine Wine

Lyndee Stairs 2007

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